Because Smoothly lets Luke build websites faster without any developers and designers.

No more developers

The best thing about Smoothly is that you don’t need developers and designers. Actually, one person is able to build a supercool website within a couple of days.

Fast development

The development process is really fast: you just install the demo content, change its texts and images, and you’re done.

A lot of features

There are a lot of features/options. But each of them seems to be just what you really need. In addition, you can set some of them on each page separately.

Modern look and feel

Smoothly lets Luke sell his services with high margins since most of his corporate clients really love the final results.

Easy to learn

When you work alone you don’t want to waste your time learning new tools. But Smoothly is very intuitive: so you can learn it while developing your first website.

Responsive design

More than 50% of Luke’s customers require him to develop responsive websites. Therefore, Luke really loves Smoothly which helps him to develop website that look astonishing on all devices.

Your story

If you’re one of our clients, we’d love to hear your story too. Please, contact us and we’ll prepare a new case study together.

I have to keep my costs low, therefore I work alone. And Smoothly is what I’ve been looking for many years. It just saved my life!

– Luke Cage, freelancer